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Smoking weed in the forest <3

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let's talk music

1:A song that makes you feel happy
2:A song that makes you feel sad
3:A song that makes you feel badass
4:A song that makes you feel angry
5:A song that makes you feel in love
6:A song that makes you feel heart broken
7:A song that makes you jump in excitement
8:A song that makes you think about life
9:A song that makes you cry
10:A song you find boring
11:A song you listened to too many times and got sick of it
12:A song you love
13:A song you hate
14:A song that makes you dance
15:A song that makes you sing
16:A song that gets stuck in your head
17:Your favorite song
18:The last song you listened to
19:The song you’re listening to now
20:The first five songs on your ipod
21:The first five songs on your ipod on shuffle
22:A song from your childhood
23:The song you want to die listening to
24:The song you last sang
25:A song that brings up good memories
26:A song that brings up bad memories
27:A song that you can fall asleep to
28:A song that makes you scream when you hear it
29:A song that makes you feel pumped up
30:A song you wish everyone would listen to
31:A song you haven’t heard in a long time
32:A song you can always back to and listen to and fall in love with it all over again
33:A song with a story behind it
34:A song that’s starting to grow on you
35:A song you’re starting to get sick of
36:The song you’ve listened to the most
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